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Your Wellness Social Platform



A beautiful way to explore all your photostream. In one place.



SIRI for Driving



A simple mobile app that helps you turn any screen into a digital sign.


IP Nexus

LinkedIn for innovation and IP


Task Bucket

Outsourcing program task made simple.


MobiFind Location-based search for your emails and notes

MobiFind is the quickest way to find the information you need at any location. Whether it is a coupon in your email that you are looking for at the store or your grocery list while shopping or your e-ticket at the airport, MobiFind will automatically pull up what you need based on your location.


HTML for Marketers Are you a marketer who needs to learn HTML & CSS?

HTML for Marketers is a video tutorials course to teach marketing staff basic HTML5 and CSS3 skills for SEO and marketing purposes.


Verificient Technologies An automated remote proctoring system for online courses.

Our product, Proctortrack, is a fully automated remote proctoring solution for educational institutions. Through a combination of methods including facial recognition, eyetracking, audio level detection and more, Proctortrack’s algorithms detect abnormal behavior and instances of academic integrity violations. Key clients include eCornell, North


GetOnDemand GetOnDemand - Top Programmer/Medical Remedies/Errands- one stop for all needs.

GetOnDemand is a web/sms companion helps consumers make their life easy. Whether it is finding geek programmer from company like Apple or good school nerd for tech gig or Medical consultation or Quick Home Remedies or Grocery Delivery or Food Delivery or Dry-Cleaning or travel planning or even getting a dog sitter.


INK PPT We help people present better

INK PPT is an online marketplace of premium digital communication templates for individuals and organisations globally. Our templates helps in distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of an organization by giving a professional look to their day to day communication collaterals like corporate presentations & proposals.


BlueBoard Better e-commerce intelligence for Consumer Electronics brands

BlueBoard fills the intelligence gap between Consumer Electronics retailers (Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Apple.com, ...) worldwide and your brand. BlueBoard is a B2B tracking tool that allows real-time monitoring of your products' availability, pricing & customer reviews at all your online retailers.


Page00 quickly publish your webpages online

page00 is a user first platform where one can quickly publish individual webpages online for free.


fresh.coffee Our smart connected coffee bean jar!

With our jar and smartphone app we can send you reminders to pick up coffee when running low, or ship you coffee automatically just when you need it. We can request confirmation to ship, or just go fully automatic and notify you when the shipment is getting ready so you can change only if you want to.


Wutermelon Social ratings search engine

Wutermelon is a social ratings search engine, which displays results in green and red percentages format along with the number of votes, type a keyword to find its rating in green and red. Wutermelon can be used to rate products, services, topics, or answering yes/no questions.


elumeo Making fine jewelry an affordable luxury for everyone

We make high-quality gemstone jewelry an affordable luxury for everyone: To this end, we leverage fully integrated, cost-effective production, an extensive product range and various electronic sales channels, including interactive live sales and classic fixed-price offers.