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Pindrop Music

Discover the most appropriate music based on your environment and mood.



An Online Marketplace for 3D Printed Fashion and Design



Collect Rich Mobile Data with a Link



Say it out loud



Yelp for accelerators


Awesome Boss

Everything you need to engage, recognize, and reward your team.


Shoptt Shoptt Commerce - Marketplace, Web, Mobile

Shoptt provide an ecommerce solution to better serve customers on their selected devices.


Specfox Easiest & fastest way to create website specifications

Specfox is a platform that makes it easy to create website specifications to share with your developers.


#golaunch The World's First Slack Chat Startup Incubator

#golaunch is a startup incubator hosted on Slack. Engage and collaborate with a community of engineers, designers, marketers, and creatives that can help you go from idea to launch.


FAVVIES.com All your favorites...and everyone else's...in one place!

Social networking site all about favorite products, places, professional services....anything! Find out what friends, family or people of influence go-to products and places are.


Viloud Create your branded TV channel

Viloud is the new platform to create your own fully customized TV channel. Add content from youtube, vimeo or direct link. Embed the channels on your website or blog and share the videos included with its own URL. Create mobile and Smart TV apps to display your content worldwide.


WebHR Free Social HR Software - Trusted by over 12,000 Companies in 182 Countries.

WebHR is a Cloud based Social HR Software for SMEs that handles everything from Hire to Retire. WebHR assists in managing a company’s most important asset - its Human Resource. WebHR not only saves money to the companies, but also boosts productivity, saves space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient.


Gestures The world's first smartphone game, that does not require a smartphone.

The world's first smartphone game, that does not require a smartphone. All you need is your hands and fingers, and a friend to play with.


SecureSlice Think of box.com with a layer of compliance and security

There are 100s of file collaboration tools. We are *not* one of them. SecureSlice is not just a file sync/collaboration tool. We have mastered one thing really well – Compliance + Security. We automate compliance and file sharing.


LawGeex Get your legal document analyzed in just a few seconds

LawGeex compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database. In just a few seconds we show you what’s common, what’s unusual, and what’s missing. We translate legalese into plain English, so you’ll know what you’re signing.


Best Attendance Student Loyalty Programs for Schools

Best Attendance Rolls Out Student Loyalty Programs MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Best Attendance, a leader in the attendance software market, announced the launch of its newest product designed to help athletic directors of high schools, colleges, and universities increase home game attendance.